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Is Original Medicare Enough? 

In a word, NO. Not for most folks.

Original Medicare is great, but if all you have is original Medicare you have a Part A (hospital insurance) deductible of $1408 in 2020, plus $352 per day for days 61 to 90 in the hospital. This is for each benefit period too! Past day 90 it is $704 per day until your 60 lifetime reserve days are gone. Then you pay 100% of all cost. That can add up to a tremendous amount of money YOU are responsible for.

For Part B (medical insurance) expenses you have an additional $198 annual deductible with original Medicare. Most Part B medically necessary services are covered at 80% while Part B preventative services are generally covered at 100%. Medicare Part B has very limited drug benefits. Even more to be concerned about.

Original Medicare does not cover Part D (most outpatient drugs).


There are a variety of cost effective ways to protect yourself from these type of expenses. I feel a highly trained independent agent ( like Wayne ) is the best way to examine your Medicare insurance options and help you decide which plan work for you. The Medicare Open Enrollment runs from October 15th to December 7th annually. 

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