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​​​​​Q: What is critical illness insurance?  

A: It is type of insurance that pays a lump sum benefit direct to the insured in addition to any other insurance upon initial diagnosis.

Q: What type of illnesses are covered by Critical Illness Insurance?

A: Critical Illness insurance covers heart attack, stroke, invasive cancer and many other conditions or illnesses.

Q: Do I need Critical Illness Insurance?

A: YOU tell me ( See Below )

*Each year approximately 800,000 suffer a stroke (one every 40 seconds)
*Source www.CDC.Gov

*There will be approximately 720,000 heart attacks in the United States this year.
*Source www.TheHeartFoundation.Org

*Statistics show 43.81% of males and 37.81% of females will suffer CANCER in their lifetime.
*Source www.Cancer.ORG


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